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A few words about Local Experience

Local Experience was born in the heart of Thessaloniki with a mission to redefine the souvenir scene. We present travelers with keepsakes that are as authentic and unique as Greece itself, far from your typical postcards and magnets. We carefully select each piece to create an exquisite collection in which travelers find creations that remind them of their own experience in Greece and reflect our culture and history.

Why choose us

Prime location

Our store is located in the iconic Makedonia Palace, which receives thousands of travelers every year. Our space blends modern design with classic aesthetics, creating a cozy atmosphere that wins over every visitor and showcases each souvenir uniquely. 

High traffic

Besides our souvenir store, we also own BikeIT, the first bike rental shop in Thessaloniki, which welcomes countless visitors every day, as it is one of the must-try experiences of our city. Coming back from their ride, they often stop by the souvenir shelves to take a look at our new arrivals. 

Continuous growth

Every souvenir has a story, and we're passionate about bringing those tales to life! We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to present our keepsakes both in our physical store and digitally. From captivating photography to compelling social media content, we do more than just display items — we celebrate them with style.

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