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A one-stop gift destination
Our name reflects our mission: to offer you more than the ordinary. You won't find typical souvenirs here; instead, we've created a pathway to the very core of Greek life. Each piece in our collection is a memoir, carefully chosen to be as unique as your time in our country.

Welcome to Local Experience
In our hearts, we've always known that Greece's true charm lies in its everyday life, its stories whispered through generations, and the genuine hospitality of its people. That’s why we strongly believe that you can only fully enjoy our country if you immerse yourself in its local essence.

More than souvenirs, a getaway to the soul of Greece
Born and raised in vibrant Thessaloniki, our curiosity and deep connection to our roots have ignited a unique passion within us. We wanted to offer souvenirs unlike any other; we sought to create a collection that captures the true essence of Greece.

Our journey back in time
Our souvenir shop is located within the renowned Makedonia Palace Hotel, inviting travellers who always seek more from their journey. Just as they discover the city's hidden gems, our carefully designed space serves as a one-stop shop for the perfect gifts, either for yourself or your loved ones.