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Brand: HELLOFROM GREECE Model: 2023_01
An indispensable element of your stationery! White cube of notes with a black and white picture of the attractions of Thessaloniki...
Ex Tax:5.65€
Paper cutter bronze in blue color and gold tone. Its handle is in the form of a snake...
Ex Tax:9.68€
Brand: HELLOFROM GREECE Model: 2023_04
One of the most beautiful office accessories that will not only hold your important documents but that are a special element of decoration!..
Ex Tax:16.13€
Brand: HELLOFROM GREECE Model: 2023_20
Small and smart souvenir that certainly gives a memory of Thessaloniki with its logo. Light and small in size to carry it everywhere with you. It follows all your writing thoughts...
Ex Tax:1.21€
Brand: HELLOFROM GREECE Model: 2023_45
Hellofrom notebooks with black cover. Take notes of your unique ideas and experiences! Set of 3...
Ex Tax:12.90€
Paper cutter bronze in blue color and gold tone...
Ex Tax:9.68€
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